Prince William reveals how he maintains his mental health


King Charles elder son Prince William has disclosed how he maintains his mental health as he speaks on World Mental Health Day.

The future king shared his experience while hosting a forum for young people to mark World Mental Health Day.

Prince William said that humour and “having a laugh” were important to him, and added that putting down screens to spend time with friends and family maintains his mental health.

Later, taking to X, formerly Twitter, the royal couple shared photos from their visit and tweeted, “Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay and a reminder to prioritise our mental wellbeing.

“It’s always so insightful listening to young people share their experiences, and today’s event ‘Exploring our #EmotionalWorlds’ has been full of important conversations.”

They further said, “The young people here today have been nominated by ten leading mental health and youth charities to talk about specific challenges and the solutions their generation needs. Let’s keep the conversations going.”


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