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King Charles now has ‘men in grey suits’ to keep Prince Harry away


King Charles has reportedly found a different stance on Prince Harry, and aims to keep ‘men in grey suits’ so that he remains at bay.

These insights and claims have been brought to light by royal commentator Duncan Larcombe.

He broke all of this down in one of his interviews with The Sun.

At the start, Mr Larcombe accused the Duke of “snapping” King Charles’ olive branch in half.

He was even quoted saying, “Harry has said some deeply hurtful things about [Queen] Camilla, and yet the King will still correspond with his son, albeit not directly.”

Mr Larcombe also admitted, “It’s remarkable really, because when Charles became King, he said he loved Harry and Meghan which was a huge olive branch — which Harry then took, snapped in half and then hit him with it.”

In light of all of this, it’s apparently ‘no doubt’ that King Charles has changed his approach towards Prince Harry and said it is “now is business as usual” between the Sussexes and Buckingham Palace.

This is due to the fact that King Charles holds a particular stance when it comes to Prince Harry, and it is the idea that “if you want to see me you need to make an appointment.”

Thus, “Harry will have to get past the grey suits and jump through hoops to talk to his father.”

While Mr Larcombe does admit, “it’s very standoffish but I think that’s a way that the king is subtly punishing his son.”



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