“I L0ve Him”Social media érupts as 26-year-0ld woman shows off 16-year-0ld boyfriend


A 26-year-old woman breaks the internet as she flaunts her 16-year-old boyfriend on social media, sparking immediate reactions.

This is revealed in a post she shared on her page where she uploaded photos of herself and her said boyfriend, whom she claimed is just 16 years of age.

She professed her love for him online while adding that age is just a number and declaring her love.

Declaring her love for her boyfriend, she wrote: “Age doesn’t matter when your heart loves what it loves. 👽 We’re close & locked in 4L. Nothing matters.”

She added in the comment section that the parents of her boyfriend are aware of their relationship and are fine with it, as she wrote: “It’s nothing wrong. His parents are fine with it & he doesn’t act 16 tho.”

Her revelation attracted attention on social media as many people stormed the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Stãrfire 🫧⚡️: “Call the police IMMEDIATELY!!!!”

keke_nicole83: “she gotta be lying.”

Kyro Sparks: “You can’t hump that little ass dog😭😭😭.”

kelly: “LMFAOOO she definitely trolling she 20 & he 22 .”

uncommonlywolf: “met my fiance at 19 she was 33 2 years later she still the finest diamond i’ve ever seen ❤️‍🩹.”

jelana: “Girl you couldnt find someone like him thats 26?😭.”

kingstevothedon: “not gone lie if this was other way around I would be tripping but bro living his best life and don’t look like he hurting for nothing so it’s OK 👍.”

Big Diesel Syd: “I don’t believe it honestly it’s no way. Tell me he just a small dude 😭.”

ARIESSS TE’AIRA: “& my mom talking about my lil 2 year age gap ?”

J Phinisee: “Not the 16 year old 🤦🏾‍♂️he either has a very mature mind and can provide for you, or you have a childish mind and think you can train him to be the man of your dreams. You were better off waiting.”

Jamie: “Alright, thats it. Where the cameras at? I know I’m getting pranked now.”



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