“You look very Young” – 72-year-old mother and daughter, 45, effortlessly show off dance moves, video Surface Online


A viral video shows a 45-year-old woman performing energetic dance moves with her 72-year-old mother.

The two were seen in a video that has received thousands of likes on TikTok dancing in a way that warmed viewers’ hearts.

Despite their advanced age, they perform various dance moves while smiling energetically.

Many netizens were mesmerized by their ability to dance in such away and some of them noted that age is truly just a number.

See how netizens reacted;

@Tainia Morrison said: “Mom 72 that’s a lie no way.”

@Sharon Ramsingh-Gopi said: “Unbelievable!! You both look awesome for your age.”

@Jennifer Wilkins reacted: “Imma need to know what fountain of youth y’all dipping in! Gorgeous!”

@Wendy Ann C.A Joseph reacted: “What 72 nah 45 too yes! mama looking great.”

@carlo commented: “Mama looks Amazing for 72.”

@w.i.n.n.i.e_ reacted: “Aging like fine wine.”

@traceytrini commented: “This is one of the best I have seen.”

Watch the video below;


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