“why are you people feeling so special in BBNaija’s house, even those that were not that important” – Doyin speaks


Doyin, a BBNaija evicted housemate, explains why a personality like hers cannot win the renowned reality TV show Big Brother.

She revealed this in an interview with Punch Saturday Beats. She admits that she entered the house with no aim of winning due to her personality.

She said,

“I won’t lie. A personality like mine cannot win Big Brother. I did not go on the show thinking I was going to win the prize money. I knew that I did not stand a chance, because my personality is ‘a lot’, and people tell me that every day. I just wanted to go there, be myself and show who I am. I felt I would be able to stay long enough on the show. Actually, my goal was to get to the finals.”

She stated that she also reasoned that she would be receiving criticisms from the outside while in the house because of her choice of words.

The reality star added that contrary to viewers’ perceptions, she wasn’t a gossip since the only topic of discussion in the house was usually about themselves.

“We have nothing to talk except one another. There was no television or social media. The other housemates were our ‘sources’ of entertainment. I never gossiped about anybody,” she said.

Doyin also spoke on her relationship with Ilebaye. She said;

“We were on the same season (Level Up) in 2022, but we never lived together. Even after the season ended, we were not close. Meeting at in the house for the current season, getting close to her was a no-brainer because we were both from the same season.

“As a matter of fact, I saw her like my younger sister. However, certain things happened (that affected our relationship). In that house, it is very easy to misunderstand a lot of things.

I felt like my friendship with her was not being appreciated or reciprocated. I am sure on her part, she also wasn’t okay with some things. I hope that when she comes out, we can sit down and resolve the issues. But, if that does not happen, I still love her regardless.”

Doyin who said that she doesn’t regret anything she said to any of the housemates added that many of them had egos and were feeling special, which cause a lot of quarrel in the house.

She said:

“Everybody was feeling special; even those that were not that important. Some people felt that they were being disrespected because of the way they were spoken to. But, the irony is that they also were not respectful.

“That felt crazy to me, because if they did not want things like that, they should have stayed in their houses and not come for the show.”


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