“We don see am… no cover Your Face”-no be woman” — Physically ch@llenged lady, Eniola, exposed for sc@m


Eniola, the physically challenged lady who was assisted by Brain Jotter has been exposed to be a man, who runs this scam on unsuspecting helpers.

The physically challenged lady was gifted the sum of 400k by Brain Jotter who admired her entrepreneurial spirit despite disability.

However, it will seem that all of that is a lie as a group of bakers have come out to discredit Eniola, calling her a man whose real name is Sultan, he tapes his private area to sell water for sympathy.

In their words;

“Nigerians fell for this scam and it’s sad So recently brainjotter posted a disabled girl selling water in traffic and of course you know such sight will capture the attention of Nigerians, Nigerians are good people but I hate it when people take advantage of Nigerians good heart, to set the record straight, according to the group of people that helped the said disabled lady before, they said and I quote, no be woman, na man, his name is Sultan, he disguises as a woman, tape his prick and wear boobs and sell water in traffic just she can beg, she makes a lot daily and that’s her daily routine, last year, a group of people came together and rented an apartment for him, they bought him make up tools to establish him but he doesn’t want such route, he prefers to be on the street deceiving people, this is a message from the group of bakers that helped him before ❤️

She is a boy, we got her an apartment in ketu and make up products, got things in the house. Later he went back to the street, after warning her to stop scamming people, he will open different pages and change location to sell water

He is a boy not a girl, he taped his penis, wears padded bra & bum bum to deceive people that he is a girl. That’s a lie, we do not know if this new donation was a plan between him and brain jotter or brain jotter is not aware, she is a boy and not a girl, we donated alot of money for him only to see him back on the street the next month, Nigerians should not fall for this scam.we have all the evidence with us.

Dear Nigerians una good mind no go kee una ooo, all these beggars be turning it to day job now o,BE AT ALERT!!! But who go help us confirm the prick part now 🤣🤣🤣 & I have seen evidence of donation sent to him before but he remain prick evidence”🙈🙈🙈”

Brain Jotter confirmed this as well on his Instagram story, expressing his heartbreak at the scam.

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