“What does placenta and girlfriend have to do with the cause of mohbad’s death? Wunmi is immature” – Mohbad’s fan


Following revelation from Wunmi on how Mohbad’s father requested Liam’s placenta and also brought in a girlfriend to his son’s house, a fan of the late singer condemned the widow for being immature.

It is worth noting that amidst the ongoing coroner inquest, the wife of the late ex-Marlian signee, Wunmi Aloba made strong allegations in court.

According to the widow, her father-in-law, Mr Joseph Aloba once arranged a girlfriend for his married son, and after the birth of their child, he demanded their son’s placenta.

Amidst the controversies trailing the revelation, a concerned fan of the Mohbad lambasted Wunmi for bringing up irrelevant information in the quest for a motive for Mohbad’s death.

The fan identified as Azeez Odukale on Facebook wrote, “Wunmi doesn’t need to mention the part that Mohbad’s father brought girlfriend to their house. She isn’t matured at all.

What does placenta and girlfriend have to do with the case or is that the cause of mohbad’s death? I guess she want social media pipu to lack Mohbad dad again.”

The statement has since divided netizens as many agrees that the it had nothing to do with the case while others argued that it’s payback for what Mohbad’s father said about Wunmi.

Reactions trailing placenta and girlfriend allegations made by Wunmi against Mohbad’s father
ladyque_1 said: “Where were you when the father said she was sleeping around?”

ada_daaeileen said: “But is DNA the cause of Mohbad’s death? Now the truth is coming out they’re angry. One can tell that man isn’t a good man.”

baroness_teemavis28 opined: “You died when the father was saying she was sleeping around and also lacing his food with drugs??? She should be singing love poem in return?”

teeboss03 penned: “A wife sleeping around is motive for murder. A father bringing gf to his sons house isn’t motive.”

ayanbankeololade noted: “Yes, she’s not matured to be going through what she’s facing right now…. Pls leave her alone already or pray you suffer the same fate!”


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