Wahala“My 3 month old son is so síck of me” — Mother críes out as she tries to force him to participate in a chållenge


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A mother has taken to social media to cry out after her 3 month old son ignores her while she tries to force him to participate in a challenge.

She shared this on her Twitter account, @ngcebomcobothi1, with the caption, “My baby is so sick of me 💀😂”.

The new mother who got pregnant for him during a vacation with her husband is trying to do a video compilation challenge.

According to her, she is trying to make a video compilation of him at important times of his life and since he was three months, she wanted to get a picture of him.

Apparently, the mother has been doing it since he was born and today when she tried, her son looked at her with angry eyes and rolled over.

She explained in the video how he was now in the rolling stage in his growth.

See some reactions to the video:

@asipoftee reacted: “😭😭😭 babies lil personalities be taking me out because where did you learn to be like this??? You only been here 90 days! 🤣😭”

@dedoyinajayi wrote: “I’d love to know what babies are trying to say. Because his eyes were screaming “I’m tireddddd”🤣”

@_Hybreed_ said: “Bro looks annoyed 😂😭”

@DjDukesta added: “3 months on earth and a woman is already getting under your skin 😤”

Watch video here


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