Love “It would have been better if we went out separate ways after the show” – Vee speaks on relationship with Neo


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Reality star Vee has said that she and her ex-lover Neo would have been friends if they had gone separate ways after the show.

Vee said that she had a thing for Neo from the minute he arrived for the 2020 lockdown season, and she took a chance at that.

Nevertheless, she went on to say that it would have been best for them both if they had parted ways after the BBNaija show.

It would have been simpler for the two of them, she claimed, but due to their experiences and the public pressure, Neo was the only person she could relate to.

“In my honest opinion I feel like it should’ve been better if after we came out of the house, we just went our separate ways. It would have been easier for both of us, but because of the experiences we had, the lockdown, one of the biggest seasons, it came with a lot of social pressure, insults, and drags, and he was the only person I could relate to whatever I was going through,” she said.

On giving reasons why it would have been better if she and Neo moved on, Vee explained that they probably would still be friends by now if things took that turn.

While acknowledging that she does not want to be in a public relationship again due to the public’s tendency to become attached to things quickly and their belief that celebrities are flawless people, she also said that it probably wouldn’t have changed her perspective on relationships.

Vee said, “Maybe we’d still be friends. Maybe a lot of things would’ve been different. Maybe the way I see relationships would be different, I now don’t want to be in a public relationship again because I know how the public gets attached to things so easily and they see celebrities as people that do not make mistakes.”

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