“Video Surface Online” Moment Bride Weeps After found out that Groom is a cheater,


On the day of their alleged wedding in Spain, a bride discovered her fiance cheating.

@NoCapFights, a user on social networking platform X, published this video.

In the footage, the bride can be seen rushing toward the tinted white bus where the groom is riding with another woman while wearing her full bridal attire.

She keeps running after the bus while sobbing, but the groom won’t talk. He eventually emerges from the back, where the glasses are not tinted, already in his boxers and with his white shirt unkempt, all of which are clear indications that he was cheating.

The unfaithful groom was caught.

The bride begins sobbing hysterically as friends and relatives comfort her about this tragic turn of events.

at her wedding, which should have been the happiest day of her life.

See Netizens reactions:

@RomezWrld said: Different kind of insane cheating at your wedding.

@LoloEtny asked: Of all days to cheat it had to be your wedding day??

@misi_theboy wrote: Nobody deserves that level of betrayal

@FrostyCryptos wrote: Shortest wedding ever. So sad

@BullRunner77 said: Couldn’t even wait until the honey moon 💀🤣

@see_leyb said: Poor thing.. found out just in time though

@chocorina18 said: Me??? Woulda ripped myself out that dress then set that vehicle ablaze with the dress

@iamitinu said: “He’s going to stop cheating when we get married” Dey play my fans 😂

Watch video here…

God Ask me to Fast For 30 Days Students raise alarm as colleague embark the Journey,
God Ask me to Fast For 30 Days Students raise alarm as colleague embark the Journey

Students from an unnamed university describe the circumstances in which they encountered Janet, a coworker, who had been indoors dry fasting for more than 30 days.

Concerns for a student who tried fasting while isolating herself were captured in a video that has been making the rounds on social media.

The narrator claims that Janet ceased going to courses for a month and a week, which sparked worries and prompted a visit to her apartment.

Even though she persisted on keeping her fast going, Janet appeared famished in the video.

How a student embarked on over 30 days of dry fasting allegedly ordered by God
“Our visit to Janet’s house; She is our course mate and sister who has been absent from class for 1 month and a week now. The lodge mates complained that she refused to open the door since 1 month.

She started indoor prayers without food or water. We knocked at her window to know if she is still alive; we saw a note on her window that she isn’t available. Still, everyone was worried.

She opens her window and decided to open her door. This is how she looks like, she’s now slimmer with no energy. She is insisting that God instructed her and she can’t stop. We pleaded with her to at least take fruits but she refused.

Students raise alarm as colleague fast for over 30 days, says God instructed her
According to her, she said God directed her to do so. We’re just worried and pray she recovers. And we pray that whatever made her to start the 1 month indoor dry fasting will be fulfilled.”

Watch the video below …


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