“Fine Babe No Dey For Exam Hall” – Slayqueen Surface Online spotted copying answer during test


A Slayqueen can be seen copying an answer from a classmate during a test in a viral video that has gone viral online.

The lady had clearly not prepared for the French exam that the kids were taking.

She eventually resorted to taking answers from her seatmate in the class.

The widely shared video depicts her hiding while stealing an answer from a classmate who was busy writing answers in his answer booklet.

The viral video shows her hiding to copy answer from the course mate who was busy filling his booklet with answers.

Slayqueen copying answer.Netizens have reacted …

@Debbie noted: “Omo French nor easy ooooo I know Wetin my eyes see for French department”

@LOTNNA🚹 opined: “The way the guy hold pen I know say him no sabi book”

@oke$iejr reacted: “I really like the way you copy, you don’t ask him weytin he writes 😂😂😂😂. not like mu colleagues, they’ll will be asking you weytin b dat word 😂😂”

@user4480614984288 stated: “you fit talk say mae remove him hand nhi”

@samyyyyy5 revealed: “i always pas french in my school ,very simple Subjects😁,but u see hausa eee , I failam well well in my school days😂 omo..”

@Deimos said: “them no dey do fine girl for exam hall 😅😂🤣”

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Major Mohbad’s problem Was Fans Because they ignored him” – Ruger
Major Mohbad’s problem Was Fans Because they ignored him” – Ruger

Ruger, a well-known musician, asserted that Mohbad’s issues extended beyond his conflict with his record company to include his fan base as well.

In a recent appearance on the Adesope Live show, Ruger discussed the passing of the Afrobeats musician and said this.

He claimed that although Mohbad had experienced many difficulties with his record company, his fans had not supported him.


He said that after Mohbad left Marlian Music, lots of fans failed to continue supporting him because what they had been focused on was the record label, not the artiste.

Ruger further spoke on how fans are usually in the habit of focusing on the shortcomings of their favs and attacking them and sometimes their families.

Watch the video below:



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