Video: “Mr Ibu has 50/50 chances” – VeryDarkMan gives update

Video: “Mr Ibu has 50/50 chances” – VeryDarkMan gives update

Media personality and activist VeryDarkMan has shared an update regarding the health of the renowned actor John Okafor, who is commonly recognized as Mr. Ibu.

In a recent Instagram update, the activist VeryDarkMan provided information about the veteran actor’s health. He mentioned that Mr. Ibu is currently in need of prayers.

VeryDarkMan expressed concern that the donations made for Mr. Ibu’s treatment may not be having the desired impact, as there hasn’t been significant improvement in the actor’s condition so far.

Video: “Mr Ibu has 50/50 chances” – VeryDarkMan gives update

Verydarkman strongly pointed out that Ibu’s health is deteriorating and urgently needs extra prayers. Verydarkman also expressed the opinion that Mr. Ibu’s recovery could be expedited if he receives medical treatment abroad, as Nigerian hospitals are deemed to be insufficiently equipped.

Additionally, he mentioned that the medical team is contemplating another surgical procedure but is currently closely monitoring Mr. Ibu due to concerns that anesthesia could potentially affect his heart and pose a significant risk.

VeryDarkMan also urged people to continue contributing whatever they could, emphasizing the substantial assistance it would provide.

These developments follow closely on the heels of Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Chioma, who recently disclosed that her father had recently undergone two significant surgeries. In a ray of hope, she noted that he was on the path to recovery, highlighting his resilience and sense of humor even during trying times.


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