I Don’t Believe In Any Religion – Omah Lay


Nigerian music sensation Stanley Omah Didia, famously known as Omah Lay, has openly expressed his lack of belief in any religion.

In a recent interview featured on X, Omah Lay shared that his perspective on religion shifted as he gained financial success. Despite being raised in a Christian family, he clarified that he only held faith in God and did not adhere to any specific religious doctrine.

Expanding on his views, Omah Lay mentioned a period when he contemplated converting to Islam.

He highlighted his skepticism toward both the Bible and the Quran, as he found no concrete evidence supporting the claim that these texts were directly authored by a divine entity.

Watch him speak below:

In other news, Omah Lay has reached yet another remarkable milestone by surpassing 1 billion Spotify streams across all of his credits.

Since making his breakthrough into the mainstream music scene in 2020, Omah Lay has emerged as one of the most highly acclaimed artists in the Afrobeats genre. He’s particularly celebrated for his songs that draw from his personal experiences, resonating deeply with listeners.

In a display of extraordinary achievement, Omah Lay has now exceeded the remarkable milestone of 1 billion Spotify streams across all of his musical credits. This accomplishment follows the release of the deluxe edition of his widely praised debut album, ‘Boy Alone,’ and the soaring success of his single, ‘Soso.’


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