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BBNaija AllstarsVideo shows Illebaye’s epic reaction after bumping into Doyin and Kim Oprah talking about her
housemate, Ilebaye bumped into Doyin discussing about her with Kim Oprah in a video shared on TikTok by @pri_baye.

The discussion centered around Doyin’s involvement in the recent Whitemoney incident, and emotions ran high as opinions clashed.

Doyin said to Kim Oprah, “God knows my heart! If you knew me from day one, you would understand that I empathized with her. What Ike did to her was undeniably wrong, and I stood up for her. However, in Whitemoney’s case, from the story I heard, she was not wronged. You cannot continually provoke someone by reducing the volume, only to increase it when they walk away.”

As Doyin expressed her perspective, Illebaye unexpectedly entered the room, intending to drop off a duvet.

Without uttering a single syllable, Ilebaye dropped the duvet she had brought and quietly exited the room, leaving Doyin and Kim Oprah to continue their discussion.

The encounter left the viewers in a state of anticipation, wondering how this unexpected revelation would impact the dynamics within the house.

With tensions already running high, this incident has added another layer of intrigue and uncertainty to the BBNaija Allstars journey.

@trixie_oge commented: “Doyin voice was shaking when baye came elle ilebaye already heard her so she couldn’t change her mouth again.”

Lovetta Kallon said: “Baye is second khosi.”

@money reacted: “Well done doyin for standing for the truth.”

@Omo lara said: “lebaye gentle i swear if nah me doyin go collect this morning.”

@i am Oheneba Qwajo reacted: “One thing about Baye….She no dey gossip like all these aunties and Uncles…lol.”

@bussy_love said: “Doyin is this really you?wow.”

@Chiamaka commented: “According to what you heard this Doyin no get sense.”

@Too_cute commented: “Who realize she wanted to pause the conversation when Baye entered.”

See the video below:

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