Video trends as Portable goes to a filling station and pays everyone’s fuel money (Watch)


Nigerian Street-singer Portable has once again caught the internet’s attention, but this time for a meaningful reason as he was spotted at a filling station, paying for people‘s fuel willing, bringing joy to many.

Portable has been a frequent topic of discussion on internet.

Recently, he celebrated his wedding anniversary in the streets of Lagos with his wife.

Prior to that, he made headlines when his multi-million-naira Brabus B Jeep was involved in an accident.

Known for his controversial actions, Portable has once again made waves on the internet by reportedly covering the fuel expenses of every individual at a fuel station in Lagos, Nigeria.

Appreciative individuals, touched by this act of kindness, have flooded the post’s comment section to share their thoughts on Portable’s gesture.

See some reactions below:

@abazwhyllzz: “This is exactly why most artists don’t like this guy, He’s real asf. Portable for president 2026 soon.”

@toyor_pr: “We can see the good work Portable is doing. Portable’s govt is better than Tinubu’s.”

@newsplug9ja: “How does he want to pay? Pay to the filling station and everyone will Be buying a specific amount of fuel? Or stand there and be paying for everyone one by one.”

@PabloHoggs: “I feel he’s a generous person, but his razz attitude and controversial person won’t let people see.”

@Ishow_leck: “His free lifestyle and showing love on the street is just so beautiful.”

@black_izeek: “No one get street credibility like this guy. Portable is him.”



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