“This One Too Much o”: Thíck Woman with Màssíve Cúrvés Confúses Men in Video, People React


A beautiful woman was passing by a field when she captured the attention of many with her body figure The stunning woman had thick legs and a curvy waist which attracted and confused men in a viral video Reacting to the video, some people however maintained that her shape was too much for one person

A beautiful lady has gone viral on social media after flaunting her curves at a basketball field.

A TikTok video posted by user @a1.2funny captured the curvy lady who distracted basketball players with her body shape as she passed by the court.

The hilarious video which was captioned: “She came to watch your game” showed one of the players getting so distracted that he was hit by the ball.

Reactions as curvy lady causes distraction at basketball court

@Spanishboy13 said: “There’s a such thing called too much.” @rosa the legend said: “It doesn’t look good from the side OR the back my god.” @Killre reacted: “I gyat to know her names.” @Official.msenga1 said: “Chat is this real?” @Joseph Tebou reacted: “Zion woulda had her ranting on Twitter after the game.” @DMP said: “I know her from somewhere.” @notreallife-sf- reacted: “Naaaaah that’s too much bruv.”

@50 said: “That is way too much not even funny.” @Trvndesigns.com reacted: “I would have made it I know what plastic feels like.” @JC commented:


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