“This is not motherly” – Video trends as mother dances half n@ked in front of her two kids (Watch)


A mother of two has been seen dancing provocatively in front of her children and it caused massive reactions among social media users.

The video making its rounds online shows the mother dancing in a way that many find unusual, especially with her two children nearby.

In the clip, she was seen with only her underwear as she whined her waist energetically, urging her kids to hit her backside.

The video has sparked talks about parenting choices and what’s considered appropriate behavior in front of children.

Some critics believe it could negatively affect the kids’ mental well-being, while others support the mother’s right to express herself freely. Watch the video below:

Read some comments shown below:

raymondjrmitchell said, “Teaches her sons to be disrespectful”.

oluwalofunmise44 said, “I really don’t understand… Na she born dem or house girl.. This is not motherly”.

yet_unday said, “Normally them suppose collect these children and lock her up in a rehab but yeah, this is Nigeria and everything goes! 🤢 🤮”.

Video below………..


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