“they have to dréw his legs out” – Samklef exonerates Naira Marley as new facts emerge on Mohbad’s deàth


Nigerian music producer and artist Samklef has released a statement on the controversy arising surrounding the tragic death of rising star Mohbad. His statement exonerates Naira Marley from any implication in the young musician’s passing.

Samklef, raised eyebrows and sparked a conversation with his recent statement. He boldly asserted that Naira Marley, had nothing to do with the passing of Mohbad and that people should not act from an emotional point of view.

This is what Samklef had to say

The full truth about his death will emerge soon, and it’s more complex than it appears. Naira Marley was not implicated, drugs were not a factor, and it wasn’t a surcide. I’m committed to uncovering the truth.

There’s a valuable lesson here: If you’re a public figure and have a falling out with someone, ensure you publicly reconcile to avoid unwarranted judgments.” Samklef non the wise tortoise king Solomon of our generation!

“Let’s refrain from resorting to vigilantism simply because Naira Marley and Mohbad had a falling out.

It doesn’t mean we should make unfounded allegations. believe the details surrounding his death will be disclosed soon. I’m committed to promoting truth on this page.”

The controversy surrounding Mohbad’s passing intensified further when a video emerged showing the late singer being harassed by Naira Marley’s aide, Sam Larry.

The video had caused outrage and concern among fans and the general public, leading to questions about the dynamics within the entertainment industry.

As the new facts keep on emerging into into the video of Mohbad’s harassment, the Nigerian music industry, fans, and netizens at large are anxiously waiting for further developments, hoping for a answer that will provide closure and justice for the late singer and his family.


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