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“I’m still here, healthy, strong and still able to do what I love” – Patience Ozokwor says as she marks her birthday in style


Veteran actress Patience Ozokwor is a year older today and is celebrating it in a unique way. She just went to her Instagram story and uploaded gorgeous pictures of herself in stylish attire. She is also excited to assert that she can still do whatever she loves to do. To mark another year of your life is truly a privilege.

Life is valuable, and it should be embraced and celebrated in every special way. In light of this, Patience is celebrating her birthday in style because she is aware of it. She displayed images of herself looking great in fashionable outfits on her verified Instagram. She wrote, “I’m still here and still able to do what I love.”

Nigerian actresses frequently celebrate their birthdays in a unique way. This is one of the ways they engage their fans and allow them to be part of their joy. Unsurprisingly, the fact that a legend is celebrating her birthday brings about excitement.




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