“That stubborn client will pay you” – Pastor publicly prays for Yahoo boy’s hustle to flourish, video causes stir


A Nigerian pastor causes a stir online as he’s spotted praying for a Yahoo boy in broad day light for him to cash out.

The clergyman was seen praying for the internet fraudster in the streets while residents watched the scene.

Into the video which popped up on social media, the yahoo boy could be seen kneeling on the ground while the pastor showered prayers on him.


Snatches of words from his prayer asks that the yahoo boy’s client to pay him by all means and then wrapped up the prayers with a resounding amen.

Netizens have reacted …
@Their Father 💀😈😈👉👌 said: “you they laugh pastor way they hustle 😂😂😂


@Lemuel Ochuko Ashebinoma reacted: “As dem Don announce tinubu winner so, anything wey client see, make she take 🤔

@queennorth said: “Pastor self Dey find percentage 😂😂

@Dafe wrote: “You people should thank your stars that God is a merciful God.”

Watch video below …



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