Taylor Swift keeps location of ‘The Eras Tour’ film premiere a secret


Taylor Swift’s concert film The Eras Tour will be premiering soon as fans await for the pop star to disclose the location of the red carpet.

The Lover hitmaker is keeping the location of the film premiere a secret as she told her fans to “hold fire and stay patient” as the star-studded affair is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Insiders privy to The Mirror disclosed “the one key” reason behind this decision, “It is for security and concern that tens of thousands of fans would rush to Hollywood to see her,” they said.

Another source added: “There are speculations of Travis Kelce appearing but since he got injured, he might not be able to make it,” continuing that the chatter is running wild but it’s unlikely he’ll come.

AMC will digitally inform Swifties about the location at 2pm on premiere day and guests should be above 13 years old.

The opening credits are scheduled for 7pm, but a source claims “that it is likely to be pushed back.”

Reportedly, Taylor’s A-list friends are being invited will also appear on the red carpet, however their names are being kept secret.


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