“See as class quiet” – Video trends as Military man teaches teenagers Mathematics (Watch)


A video rocking the air online has captured a man in military uniform teaching some small children Mathematics.

The soldier was seen teaching the students fractions as he tried to explain several steps then using his black marker on the whiteboard.

In the video, All the class occupants appear to be paying rapt attention as no noise except the sound of the military man’s voice was heard.

From the date written on the whiteboard, the major had taught the class on the 5th of October, 2023.

Watch the video below:


major General on duty

♬ original sound – De small

The video garnered massive reactions as commenters shared their funny thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

Charles Adolor950 said, “make u nor understand 1st make I see 😂😂😂”.

mmy Scott595 said, “how will algebra help us now 2 deal wt bandits? pls teach dem how 2 make drones. naija wake up pls.”

keEmpire said, “If them born u well no do your class work score everything”.

EPHRAIM said, “oboy nah Maj Gen dey teach oh
dey no born u well make u distract the class,or u no understand 😁😁😁😁”.

Charlie Oscar said, “This class no even try sleep or make noise”.

LORD PHINEHAS said, “if them born you well make noise for this class💀💀”.

Melek 4 said, “😂See as class quiet”.


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