Regina Daniels heartbr0ken as physically ch@llenged boy struggles to complete task at event


Actress Regina Daniels has revealed she was heartbroken watching a physically challenged boy struggle to complete his task at an Orphans Day event organised by the Chadash Foundation.The mother of two who attended the event posted a video from the program via Instagram on Monday and called on the public to assist the orphans.Regina stated that during to event, she felt heartbroken as a disabled child struggled to complete a task that should not take long for a “normal child” to complete.She wrote: At the World Orphans Day program organized by Chadash foundation. Which is pioneered by my distinguished sister mrs Temitope Adeola of Ogun west central. It was so amazing and emotional seeing so many children from different orphanage homes gather at a place and have fun. The constant increase in orphans daily is very alarming! Who says only a mother or father who birthed a child can be an actual parent? Parenting starts from the heart.


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