Reaction as landlord destr0ys staircase leading to tenant’s room over rent issues


Lady laments as landlord destroys concrete staircase leading to their apartment allegedly over rent issues.

The incident is reported to have occurred in Ghana between the landlord who reportedly wanted to impel the tenant to move out.

It was gathered that an issue had ensued between them over the rent and the landlord came up with the crafty means of compelling the tenant to move out.

He broke down the concrete staircase that lead to the tenant’s apartment leaving only the pieces of rods that held the concrete staircase.

The lady known as @obaapa ama, one of the tenants who shared the incident online, revealed that their landlord wanted to cheat them and since they refused, he did what he did as punishment.

A video that surfaced online shows one of the occupants trying to make her way up to the apartment.

Check out reactions…
@ZONGOTARIAN AMA MORINHO said: “aah, did u rent it like this or something happened after u rented? cos wei de3 eiiii”

@Nana Efya Bemah asked: “Wht did u girls do dat warrant ur landlord or lady did dat to u🤣🤣🤣”

@Nana Efya Bemah remarked: “Wht did u girls do dat warrant ur landlord or lady did dat to u🤣🤣🤣”

@obaapa ama replied: “He wanted to cheat us 🤨”

@nanaama415 advised: “my landlady did same to me but mine was the roofing pls report to the police first before anything”

@obaapa ama stated: “We did they didn’t do anything cause he told them he’s a Lawyer”

Watch video below …


Our landlord is insane😡@Ama Achiaa Bempah thats the brave girl😂😂😂

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