No be My Pikin…..”After 8 years” – Man heartbr0ken as DNA test reveals first child isn’t his


A father of two is left in shambles following a DNA test that revealed the truth about his first child who shares a 0.00 paternity index with him.

A user on the microblogging platform, X identified as @Katoyusuf996 shared the result of the DNA test carried out on his children after suspicion.

According to the young man, he had been with his wife since 2016 before they became official in 2019 after she got pregnant with their first child.

Fast forward to 2023, the first child turned out to not be his, leaving Yusuf broken and back to singlehood after almost four years of nursing the kid.

“I got my girlfriend in 2016 in my s.6 vac, in 2019 she got pregnant and I decided to start leaving with her, we now have 2 kids. Its yesterday but one that I got to know that her 1st pregnancy wasn’t mine after a DNA taste. I am now single after 8 years 😆😆. That’s love,” he wrote.

No be My Pikin....."After 8 years” – Man heartbroken as DNA test reveals first child isn’t his


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