Nigerian woman wins ₦10,000 as she finishes 3 bottles of alcohol in less than 1 minute


A Nigerian woman garnered praise and attention as she won ₦10,000 after swiftly finishing three bottles of alcohol in less than 1 minute.

In the video, a young man can be seen informing a group of ladies that whoever drinks three bottles of drink the fastest will win ₦10,000.


Shortly after they began, a calmly seated lady swiftly picked up the bottles, consuming their contents as fast as possible.

Her actions drew significant attention online, with many comparing her to a drunken master.

See some reactions below:

favourchuks9709: “‎This one na Jackie chan the drunken master.”

favourchuks9709: “‎This one na Jackie chan the drunken master.”

Chimeztony: “‎i can’t believe it’s real, just few seconds she finished 3 bottles of stout.”

Enna: “‎Where are my Udi sisters, let’s gather here for our sister.”

Dazzling: “‎I believe who goes my lady abeg want send money give that particular lady pls.”

ArcDonShaddy: “‎Comot body for Udi people when it comes to drinking , but this lady na brewery ooh.”

Floxy: “‎No be lie Udi people can drink don’t know if is d Nigerian Breweries PLC close to them.”

doragold: “‎who’s mother is this come carry ur mama oOoOO.”

Beatrice Naa Korkor: “‎I was relieved when she didn’t chew the bottles too.”

H.O.Dlov: “‎I used to have one UDi friend he can finish a carton of beer before one hour.”

Gloria: “‎Gad gad i never drink since morning my sister.”

Papeck Terry: “‎if na Cameroon Guinness you go fly after drinking 3 that fast.”

Cj luckystar: “‎Make una check una belle she fit drink am dem dey round na.”

uyigabriel: “‎let’s see what happens in the next 20mins there should be aftermath display of this game pls.”

Cassandra Daniel: “‎this drink wey too strong am im she dey swallow like this nawa oh.”




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