“My house help lied that she had a heart condition just to d€fràud me” – Lilian Afegbai


Controversial media personality Lillian Afegbai recently took to social media to share a harrowing experience involving her house help attempting to defraud her.

In a candid video, Lillian disclosed that her house help had fabricated a false heart condition in a deceitful scheme to swindle her. Adding another layer to the plot, the house help introduced a male accomplice, whom she claimed was her brother.

In a disturbing turn of events, Lillian fell for the ruse and sent a substantial sum of one hundred thousand naira to her house help, believing that she was aiding in the treatment of the fake heart condition. However, the truth soon emerged when the house help confessed to the deception. Lillian suspected that the attempted scam was connected to a business deal that had gone awry, prompting the house help to come forward with the confession. Subsequently, Lillian took the decision to block her house help.

Expressing her frustration, Lillian wondered aloud what she had done to deserve such a duplicitous house help, considering her reputation as a successful businessperson.

Lillian Afegbai’s recent ordeal involving her house help is not the first time she has faced significant challenges. In 2022, she garnered attention when she shared an unfortunate incident on Instagram. She advised people to avoid trying to cut corners by purchasing cheaper products, recounting her own costly lesson. Lillian recounted sending her house help to buy foodstuffs at Mile 12 market, known for affordable consumables. However, thieves stole the money, resulting in her losing a substantial amount.

Furthermore, she narrated an incident in which she contributed over 100,000 naira to a friend’s house help to purchase food items. The situation took a further downturn when she discovered that the acquired food products were limited to tomatoes and pepper, leading to a series of frustrating events. Lillian humorously invited anyone in need of tomatoes and pepper to collect some, as her house was overflowing with these items, and the aroma was overpowering.

Additionally, in January 2022, Lillian Afegbai shared a traumatic experience when she was attacked by a thief. She emphasized that the incident occurred while she had a seven-year-old child in her home. Despite the danger, she expressed gratitude to God for protecting her life during the ordeal.


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