“I’m ready to be a mum” – Bella Okagbue replies who ever is interested on her (Video)


Reality TV star and media personality, Bella Okagbue, recently responded to a follower who inquired about her possibly being pregnant due to her extended belly in a recent video with boyfriend, Sheggz.

The follower, puzzled by her appearance, questioned if she was expecting a child. Bella addressed the inquiry with humor, explaining that her extended belly was the result of eating food and had nothing to do with pregnancy.

Numerous fans had expressed curiosity about her pregnancy status due to her distinct appearance. In response to the follower’s question, Bella clarified that she was not pregnant but merely had a large belly, possibly due to her recent meal.

In a show of support, the follower assured Bella that even if she were pregnant, they would continue to love and support her. Bella responded warmly, expressing her desire to become a mother. She shared that she eagerly awaited the day she could experience motherhood, emphasizing that she would only embark on that journey after marriage.

It’s worth noting that Bella and Sheggz have been in a relationship since leaving the Big Brother Naija house in 2022. Tontrends had reported some weeks back that Bella had been recognized within the entertainment industry as she received the Pulse Influencer Award for 2023 in October. During her acceptance speech, she proudly declared her fanbase as the largest in the history of Big Brother.

However, Bella Okagbue is no stranger to online controversies. In September, she shared a direct message from a fellow fan of her boyfriend Sheggz. The sender’s message included a request for Bella to consider Sheggz’s feelings and a plea for her to leave him if she intended to break his heart. The message took a negative turn, turning into insults and trolling as the sender attempted to drive a wedge between Bella and Sheggz.

In another social media incident, Bella was at the center of a discussion regarding the topic of abstinence until marriage. She revealed her commitment to saving herself for marriage. Her boyfriend, Sheggz, playfully responded on Twitter, suggesting that Bella’s statement might be a playful hint.


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