“make the manager employ her” – Video shows lady cleaning hotel room thoroughly before lodging (Watch)


A video making the rounds has captured moment a young lady showed of her ‘wife material‘ qualities at an hotel she lodged into.

In the video shared on Twitter by Dami Adenuga, the lady booked a hotel room but did not occupy it until she personally cleaned it. She took her time to thoroughly clean every part of the room before starting to use it.

She appeared to have brought her own cleaning items to use and made the place feel like her home. She cleaned the tables, sterilised the chairs, replaced the bedclothes, steriliseed the TV remote and even the telephone in the room.

The young lady also cleaned the bathroom and toilet. She went on to clean the floor and washed the kitchen sink.

The way she attended to the room as if it were her own apartment got many people talking.

Watch the video below:

Many said such dedication to cleanliness was not necessary, while others said it was her choice. Read some comments shown below:

@OKWYtycoon said, “Maybe she’s battling with some phobias then. But wait, she’s a neat lady though”.

@officialmrdeen said, “All the cleaning without wearing hand gloves; how many years she wan use for the hotel?”

@FunmiKolz said, “Some people are just extra conscious and it’s totally fine”.

@Fav_installer said, “That’s what someone with OCD will definitely do. It’s extra consciousness”.

@Onlineguru_ said, “She for kuku apply as a cleaner for the hotel”.

@cuppydat said, “Going to the gym to lose weight would have been easier”.

@callmeMEJE said, “Pesin wey the hotel suppose employ immediately”.


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