“Ladies please don’t destroy property when fighting with your partner” – Reaction as lady climbs and wrecks man’s car (Video)


A video which has stirred concern online shows an unidentified woman standing on the roof of a car and behaving strangely.

In a video which has now gone viral, the woman who is yet to be identified was seen on top of a flashy car.

It is not clear why she was standing there, she was seen stamping her foot hard on the roof of the car, leaving a big dent on it.

A man could be seen standing close to the car and gently begging her to come down but she paid him no heed.

Netizens have shared mixed views on this …
scribesandscholars opined: “She might be in a Manic phase of bipolar disorder. She should get checked out”

osagiator_ewean_gabriel said: “The worst thing u can do is to be with some who has anger management”

xcix_savage_bank stated: “I dislike people wey Dey ruin property”

vhiz_ada asked: “So nobody fit draw her leg come down .. beat craze comot her body”

ndu_kwu_maya_ said: “Lol ladies please don’t destroy property when fighting with your partner, it will never end well for you, Never !”

wuraaola_art penned: “Leemao, if it is anger, she cannot control her anger, even the person was trying to beg her calmly, it is well, we beautify spaces with art”

tosinjuls advised: “Sha no break your leg because of man….. Bone injury is difficult to cure. Swallow your angér. It’s not worth it”

Watch video below …



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