“I’ll do what I like with my body” – Lady in viral dance video reacts to negative comments from Nigerians (Watch)


A lady identified as Pride who is in the viral dance video has taken to social media to react to the negative comments from Nigerians.

The lady alongside her fellow dancer hopped on rapper Falz hit song “Ndi Ike” challenge and by extension started receiving heavy backlash from netizens following their outfits.

The video of the two ladies exposes more than what netizens expected as their skimpy shorts and little braziers reveal all the glory of their bodies and bosom cavities.

Reacting to the negative comments, the lady accused Nigerians of being hypocrites as she asserted that they would have dropped positive comments if she was Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, or a very popular artiste.

She added that she doesn’t care what anyone says as she is still in her 20s and will flaunt her body.

In her words; “I’m in my 20’s, I will flaunt my body, because this body will not remain like this forever, very soon I will get old and when I get old is that when you want me to be flaunting. I will do whatever I like with this my body because it is my body if you are not okay with it leave.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

veraewoh: This does not make sense! Show proof that the people that criticized your indecency were praising cardi b’s own! Just take the criticism and be quiet. If you don’t want to change, go on with your contents abeg! Chatting rubbish

sezekwesili: Your culture literally was naked before the white man told you it was indecent. Nigerians need to emancipate themselves from mental slavery!

soljas_of_lagos: I want to understand the point of the video exactly, so because you’re in your 20s you should wallow in abject ignorance and stupidity??? Some women don’t really realize that there are consequences to actions.

uyee_bante: You go dey advise “Gen Z baddie”, you go advise tire….just save your energy.

youlovnita: I can guarantee you that if it was Nicki or cardi they would be getting dragged even worse for culture appropriation and misrepresentation or the Igbo culture… what is this one talking? Just apologise and go and sit down.

dotlyf: Looks like many kids in Nigeria don’t have parents or elderly relatives again to save the family from disgrace!


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