I b£g for fun and make over N300k monthly – Corporate b£ggar on street reveals


A growing trend of beggars, often referred to as “corporate beggars,” is currently emerging in Abuja.

The findings were reported by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), revealing that corporate beggars take begging as a means of livelihood and even earn more than some working staffs. They usually hang out around shopping malls, markets, bus stops, religious centres, hospitals and offices.

However, one of them was apprehended by the NAN at Wuse Market and she pleaded anonymity, saying that most of them beg because they had no other means of livelihood.

She said, “I have been begging for over 12 years in different locations in Abuja, I am married and blessed with nine children. My husband is not a responsible father and I want my children to be educated.”

“I use the money I get to feed and train them in school, they go to school during the week and they join me in begging at weekends, we share ourselves to different location”

According to her, before the removal of the fuel subsidy, she used to make up to N150,000 to N200,000 monthly.

She furthered, “But because of the current economy, I now make between N90,000 to N100,000 monthly”.

“The only thing I know how to do is beg as it pays me more than getting a job. I know when workers receive their salaries, and that is the time I go to government offices, every season has its location”.

She made it known that most Nigerians do not want to help when they do not hear sad tales.

Another beggar with a disability, Isa Isa, revealed that he was born that way into a family of 108, adding that his father had four wives.

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