“He’s not p00r but Rich , Very Short man caught along road side Beggíng for alms


Social media users have queried a Nigerian lady who has been giving money to a supposed billionaire who begs for alms by the roadside.

The lady known as @amyspecialabacha2 on TikTok became perplexed when many netizens inquired why she fed a claimed ‘billionaire’ food.

However, the lady expressed surprise at the circumstance, wondering how a man sitting by the roadside could be a billionaire.

She then left a comment asking her followers to explain what made the man a ‘billionaire’. Some netizens stated that the man opted to beg on the streets despite owning fleets of tricycles and houses.

Read some comments below…

@lovechizzy reacted: “This man dat said he has 8kids 4 nw, meaning he will still give birth 2 many more, don’t even try telling him 2 stop begging because u will become his greatest enemy no matter the kind of help u want 2 give him.”

@sunshy ruthio said: “This man is rich oh and him kids dey better school.” Raphael Vivian said: “This man na landlord.”

@okechukwu reacted: “Until you ssk him to give you,1000 change you will see big money in his pocket.”

@Zinny Daniels reacted: “That’s his format,he is not broke, l wonder why he is still begging.”

@IFEOMA MARYJANE said: “Do u know how many keke this man get?? he is very rich oo.”

@IfeGod said: “Omo that man dey rich oo…”

@Ohafiawify said: “Na better billionaire ooo who no know am for 042.”


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