Gist“If you’re 40 and above, you have no business abroad” – Abroad-based lady opens up on strong reasons


An Abroad-based life coach has taken to social media to advise individuals aged 40 and above to reconsider their plans of traveling abroad.

The advice, which has garnered attention online, suggests that older individuals should stay in Africa to focus on earning money rather than seeking financial prosperity in countries like the UK or America.

The lady, whose identity remains undisclosed, emphasized that older generations should refrain from traveling abroad to allow younger individuals the chance to experience international travel and broaden their horizons.

She highlighted that the pursuit of wealth in Western countries might not necessarily be the optimal path, arguing that Africa offers ample opportunities for financial growth and success.

According to the advisory, the lady encouraged older individuals to redirect their efforts towards building wealth within Africa, suggesting that the money they strive to earn abroad could potentially be found within the continent.

She went on to urge individuals to reconsider the prevailing notion that prosperity can only be achieved by migrating to Western countries.

Netizens Reactions…
Felix said; “this Nigerians go show people shega.”

Abbey SKS said; “Madam, God time is the best. At any age you can make it.”

Lady Kate TV Pidgin . Creator replied; “Yes God’s time is the best! but in abroad to get documents it takes between 10to 20 yrs, +

Daniella Umo asked; “Madam how old are you and what are you doing abroad?”

roxanneburnett835 said; “I came to America at 46 and doing great in the medical field thank God.”

Frank Baidoo799 said; “My uncle was 46 when he won american lottory and now he is a billionaire.”

Nduka Chinenye said; “If Abroad No favor come back leave people to travel with any age please.”

munkaila siddick ibrahim said; “a bitter truth. I came back home and started plumbing accessories. today i own 4houses and 2 cars ro the glory of God.”

user5221271310627 said; “i came to America in 2017 at 41 years old. got married and had green card in 2022 my wife filed for my 4 children and they are now.”

Emitex said; “I disagree with you, life starts at 40, Anytime you have the opportunity make use of it, time is a number.”

Natural peace said; “my friend traveled to Canada at the age of 45, he is doing very well,I mean very well.

Ewura en a said; “True my sister.”

Lady Kate TV Pidgin – Creator replied; “yes many don’t understand how long it takes to make in abroad hmm thanks for your comment.”

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