Challenging Society’s Judgments: Unraveling the Injustice Faced by Mohbad’s Father Due to his Poverty – Seun Kuti


Seun Kuti, an Afrobeat musician, has defended Mohbad’s father after the late singer’s contentious passing on September 12, 2023, when his son’s hurried funeral drew criticism on social media.

After his son was buried on September 13, 2023, the father of the late artist received criticism from grieving fans who questioned the apparent lack of appropriate planning and investigations into the musician’s death.

Kuti, Seun.

In a recent appearance on Nedu’s Thehonestbunch podcast, Seun Kuti addressed the criticism surrounding Mohbad’s funeral and claimed that the prejudices associated with poverty were mostly to blame for the harsh attitude thrown at the deceased’s father.

He questioned the legitimacy of the accusations leveled at Mohbad’s father and the notion that he was somehow responsible for his son’s sad death.

A. Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti concluded by urging compassion and empathy in the face of tragedy, noting that rather than vilifying Mohbad’s father, society should offer support and comfort to a grieving parent who has just lost a child.

In Seun Kuti words;

“Poverty is playing a big role in this whole Mohbad issue. People are saying Mohbad’s father killed him because he buried him early. Who will be looking at his son’s dead body for two to three days?” He queried.

Speaking in Pidgin, Kuti asked, “If na Otedola pikin die and he bury am overnight, wetin anybody go talk here? No be sey una go dey give am condolences visit for a house?

“Instead of us to be consoling the man, we are making him evil that can kill his son. Somebody that just lost his child. You like the boy pass am na hin dem dey bully the boy all these days and you no talk anything.”

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