Oba Solomon Criticizes Nigerian Prophet’s Claim of Resurrecting Mohbad in Viral Video


Nigerian prophet Oba Ewulomi has come under fire from contentious Instagram cleric Oba Solomon for claiming to have the ability to awaken the late Nigerian singer Mohbad.

It all began when Oba Ewulomi bragged that he could make Mohbad come back to life by allowing him to see his corpse.

It is important to note that the Nigerian police unearthed Mohbad’s body to help with their investigation into his tragic passing.

The prophet was charged with manipulating the contentious circumstance to gain influence, according to Oba Solomon. He continued by asking about additional dead people in the area.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “I have three questions for the pastor claiming to wake the dead body of Mohbad, “where was he when his grand ma died? where was he when his father died? Since his started his evangelism, has no one died in his surroundings? why did he want to wake Mohbad not his neighbors or family in his compund?”

Watch the video below:

The video garnered massive reactions as commenters shared their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

de_warlord said, “Simple thing… Make 2 police officers follow him there.. Once the mumu don fuck up like this. Make them carry ham from there to prison straight”.

maasoroju said, “He might actually not be lying ooo. Let’s try him first. If e no wake am, we go send am go where MOH dey too ”.

sceedbarms said, “Oba Solomon no dey ever disappoint”.

orekelewa2766 said, “Lol this Oba nah him dey Dey call Esu lalu OKO ”.

praygers__music said, “If God No do Something about This Boy Death,, Church oooo,, na Otilor,, I no dey Serve again,, Police Police Police hmmmm it’s well ”.

alb4cars said, “I no even understand as dem dey always record these videos.. Don’t they sound like clowns to themselves?”.

nafisat_omobolaji said, “He never get power that time nah now he get power. Make unna give him chance to meet mohbad and if mohbad didn’t wake let police lock him up till mohbad wake up”.

theblackbarbie____ said, “We can give him benefits of double ooo, God can use anybody, na this same ignorance make us lose this guy oo”.


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