Angry lady embarrasses woman who prefers to sit and beg for money with her three little children instead of hustling (Video)


A woman begging for money on the street with her three kids has sparked reactions on Twitter after she was confronted by a concerned lady.

In the recently uploaded video, a lady in a black top was seen attempting to move the woman with her three kids out of the road.

The lady in the black top tried to take the umbrella that the mother of three kids was holding but was told to leave her alone by passersby.

The lady in the video, who attempted to move the woman off the street, can be heard complaining that the woman is always on the street with her kids, begging for money.

The caption of the video also suggests that the lady in the black top intends to encourage the mother of three kids to leave the street so that she can work and provide for herself and her children instead of begging for money while sitting idle.

The action of the lady in the black top in the video has caught the attention of social media users who have flooded the comment section to express their views.

See some reactions below:

@_O_N_L_I_N_E__: “Some people have made it their source of income if your very down you can be on the street for like 2 days and get some assistance but some people even have their own stand where they just stay and beg.”

@TokyosBite: “Omo I like! There’s nothing wrong with that woman, she’s young and fit (the umbrella didn’t even leave her hand. My only problem is,she having 3 babies and exposing them to starvation and mercy of the people. When they chase her away she’d go nd grab bucket nd sell pure water.”

@RobinsonGodspo1: “She’s the woman they said, they’ve helped contributed money for her several times, but she still prefers to beg.”

@shopnerrands: “Whilst I agree she should work and hustle, this isn’t the way to go about it. That woman dragging and embarrassing her isn’t helping matters. She should help her get something doing. Another thing, where will she keep her kids?”

@_FarouqOlami: “See ehn, these people full lagos but what can you do. they’ve chosen to live like this. personally i don’t give them money once i notice they aren’t handicapped. it is what it is.”

@KingPedacito: “From begging for alms , she would’ve realized enough money to start something, But one thing about begging on the streets, It’s like free and soft money to them , Once they count it and see mad profits from pity, they keep doing More begging, this is a subtle scam.”

@Acedouglas1: “I think the most important thing is people need to be educated and enlightened on having kids. 3 kids for someone that can’t even fend for herself is crazy.”




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