According to the Nurse details last moment of late singer, Mohbad; Sparks mixed reaction


A viral video is currently circulating on Instagram, where a lady discloses the heart-wrenching account of how singer Mohbad tragically lost his life.

In this gripping footage, the eyewitness, a nurse by profession, alleged that Mohbad’s life was tragically cut short after being struck by a lethal charm.

Expanding on her account, the nurse recalls that she and her fellow medical professionals were present at the hospital when Mohbad was urgently brought in, and the singer was exhibiting signs of severe discomfort, shivering noticeably.
Accoring to her, in their initial assessment, they suspected a case of Malaria and began administering various treatments, including injections, in an attempt to alleviate his condition. Unfortunately, they were unaware at the time that mystical forces were at play.

The nurse, who claimed to be very close to the late singer, divulged that Mohbad was trying to separate a fight, when his alleged assailant, cunningly took advantage of the situation to unleash the juju charm on him.



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