“A mansion owner’s burial in the bush” – Youths express concern over location of Mohbad’s gravesite (Video)


The news of Mohbad’s demise unquestionably struck a chord with his peers and admirers around the globe, giving rise to a whirlwind of speculations and dramatic events following this significant loss.

In the latest episode of this posthumous drama, a cadre of youthful individuals took to an Instagram platform to broadcast a live video from the designated burial site in Ikorodu, where Mohbad is slated to find his eternal rest today.

In the video, these young men fervently expressed their profound astonishment upon witnessing the overgrown and untamed terrain chosen as the final resting place for the esteemed musician.

According to their sentiments, this location falls far short of reflecting the stature of Mohbad, who, during his earthly sojourn, acquired opulent mansions, luxurious vehicles, and attained remarkable success.

Another video captured gravediggers in the midst of a gathering of impassioned youths, earnestly engaged in the meticulous preparation of the Singer’s ultimate place of eternal rest.

The voice narrating the scene in the video passionately bemoaned life’s harsh truth —a stark reminder that both the affluent and the underprivileged ultimately share the same somber destiny, their final rest in common burial ground.



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