Youths visit Mohbad’s grave site hours after burial, video causes buzz


A group of youths has been captured cementing the grave site of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, following his recent burial ceremony.

The video footage shows individuals diligently working on cementing the burial site, signifying a newfound effort to provide a more fitting resting place for the late singer.

Additionally, alongside the cementing process, construction work on a tombstone for Mohbad commenced, designed to serve as a memorial and a way to honor his memory.

The decision to take these actions appears to have been influenced by a surge of online protests from fans and netizens who claimed that Mohbad’s initial burial did not befit his status as a prominent artist.

Concerns were raised regarding the need for a more dignified resting place and tribute to the late singer.

Many supporters of Mohbad believe that these efforts to cement the grave site and construct a tombstone are not only a response to public outcry but also a measure to prevent the potential exhumation of the singer’s body and the need for an autopsy.

This suspicion has been fueled by ongoing speculation and rumors surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s death.

The sudden attention to Mohbad’s burial and memorialization has sparked a range of reactions on social media.

Netizens Reactions…
@engr_matthew said: “Would this straighten his neck they bent? Dude was humiliated while alive and still got humiliated even at death.”

@edith_aseye reacted: “Still doesn’t make it any better. They should exhume the body, conduct an autopsy and give a reason for his death. Then organize a befitting and a solemn burial for him with maximum security and lastly burry him with an appropriate sized coffin.”

@its_ezeaputa commented: “They should please dig him up and do an autopsy, then change that casket to his size, I don’t mind funding all this please.”

@twittydol|200 commented: “So they feel burying him so fast and now today cementing the whole place will make everything about this issue to be swept under the rug abi or what is really these people’s intention.

“Cause I don’t understand and I think it’s because people have being clamoring on why an autopsy was not carried out on him that is why they rushed to go and do this.We won’t forget oo,never! This is like a big blow on the faces of the Nigerian youth and the common man once again.

“The system keeps taking us for granted.We won’t forget this! 6
IMOLE please don’t sleep yet.Hunt them in their sleep.Make them restless, frustrated and traumatized.Make them beg for Mercy and Death.Make them pay with their sanity! May they not encounter death in a hurry but May they wallow in excruciating PAIN and MISERY till they die!!! AMEN!!!”

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