‘You’re the star of the season’ – Mercy, CeeC tells Ilebaye


The two queens, who won the hearts of fans with their strong personalities and memorable moments in the previous seasons, in a conversation with Ilebaye, shared their excitement, stating that she is undoubtedly the star of the season.

This conversation happened after the Saturday night party between Ilebaye, CeeC and Mercy.

During the conversation, Mercy said: “Let me tell you [Ilebaye] something, you are the embodiment of a damsel.”

CeeC inferred: “You’re the trophy. You are the star. Men should line up for you.”

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Mercy continued: “Do you even know who you are?”

CeeC cut in: “She doesn’t know. We have to tell her.”

Mercy added: “You’re a queen. You’re the star of the season. The girl of the moment.”


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