“You’re the reason for my deåth” – Man commits suícíde over his wife’s alleged infídelíty, advises men never to marry a woman because of her looks


A Zambian man identified as Nathan Mithi, has committed suicide over his wife, Sabby Phiri’s alleged infidelity.

Mithi, said to be a member of the Ghetto Link, a prominent Zambian music group, took his life a few days ago.

He was laid to rest on Thursday, December 14, 2023.

In a lengthy suicide note posted on his Facebook wall, Mithi detailed the tumultuous journey of his marriage to Sabby, accusing her of infidelity, deception, and a quest for a lavish lifestyle.

“If you are seeing this then I am probably DEAD! Ati ‘I need space’ kansi ah nyegesa kunja (however, she is sleeping around). Don’t Skip but learn from me. sabby you are the reason for my death,” wrote Mithi.

He narrated how he allegedly caught the wife having sex with other men on their matrimonial bed, including a young boy related to him and a landlord which he insulted in the post.

He mentioned 15 incidences he could recall of his wife allegedly cheating on him with other men including relative and fellow musician, General Kanene, and Government spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

Mithi exposed the struggles within his marriage, recounting a troubled relationship since 2012 and urged men not to marry for looks.

“Never marry a woman because of her looks but marry her for who she is. The first mistake I made with Sabby,” He said.

“Looks aren’t everything in a relationship, but they do matter. A relationship based on physical appearance often has an expiration date.”

Mithi admitted to his own shortcomings as a husband as a counter reaction to Sabby’s promiscuity.

Despite that, he made numerous attempts to salvage the relationship but Mithi described ongoing betrayals and a lack of change in Sabby’s behavior.

“I have been a forgiving husband over the years but it seems my wife had taken me for granted,” he said.

“I have been posting pictures of me and her all over social media, just to show her that am happily married to her. And that I have put everything behind me. I could always talk nice things about her to people.”

He claimed she continued to seek relationships outside the marriage, leading to his emotional turmoil turning to suicide as a desperate act of love.

The late Mithi’s expressed genuine love for Sabby but claimed he could no longer endure the pain caused by her actions.

The late Mithi advised others to carefully choose their life partners, emphasizing the importance of substance over appearance.

He warned of the consequences of marrying for looks alone and blamed Sabby’s mother for encouraging her lifestyle.

“Why have i killed my self? I did it because I truly loved her from the bottom of my heart. My heart could not take the nonsense that she is into.”

“But at the same time it was true love for me. I have lost hope in love, I only see one woman in my life and that is her.
Therefore! if I can’t have her, then let me rest in peace,” Mithi wrote.

Mithi further stated that he has left Sabby with five children, “three of my own and two from two different fathers. I am not even sure if they are my kids. Chalo ichi,”

“Anyway, enjoy your life, party harder while you still can, your time is coming sooner! Dodx will never take you anywhere boi. Relax yourself,” he advised the wife.

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