“Why Nigerians not voting for Me ” – Doyin slams her fellow country people


n a recent interview following her eviction from the Big Brother house, Doyin didn’t hold back as she expressed her feelings about leaving the competition. Known for her outspoken nature, she minced no words in her assessment of both her eviction and her fellow housemates.

“Honestly, before you called me, I thought I was going to leave because I had a dream,” Doyin began. “But then, I was just hoping that Nigerians would be smarter this time around. But yet again, they disappointed me. Nigerians, when do you guys ever learn?”

Doyin didn’t stop there; she continued to voice her thoughts, stating that she believed she should still be in the game. “If anybody should still be in that game, it should be me because I’m reality TV gold,” she declared confidently.

The outspoken ex-housemate also highlighted the qualities she believed made her a valuable addition to the show. “There’s a reason I was called. I’m a very vocal person, and those are the types of people you need on the show,” Doyin explained.

“And to be honest, there’s no other person like me in that house. They’re all very sneaky and talk behind people’s backs. No one really has the guts. I have a lot of courage, so I should be in the house… but Nigerians… disappointing.”

Doyin is known for her guts and audacity when It comes to speaking up about things. The most notable remains her calling Venita “mean and disappointing” during the live eviction show.


One nnenna_blinks had this to say,

“Cho Cho Cho. Taaa GbafuoWhen people don’t dance to her music. They automatically get into her bad books. Now You want carry your selective m@dness bring am Nigerians side. Bridle your tongue. When you say too much sometimes you say nothing“

“This girl and her mouth wey fit swallow chef Dammy & her local made kitchen utensils”

One iam bmodel had this to say,

“She don drag her fellow housemates finish, nah me wey dey my house she wan drag join. Nah respect that one no get”

One aimurie_bee had this to say,

“She’s just smart and outspoken but lacks Wisdom”

One _kofoworola_ had this to say,

“Nikini &)Vote for biggie y’all biggie for the money”

One jewelbaby500 had this to say,

“Drag them doyin, insult them they deserve it ) don’t forget to drag biggie too”


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