Wahala“Your dad faíled himself, he should not be supporting this” — Netizens dråg father after he made a jacket with a s£xuålly explicit photo of his daughter for her Onlyfans


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A father is currently under heat for making a jacket with a sexually explicit photo of his daughter for her Onlyfans.

The young lady took to her X account, @lilbabyyashleyy, to appreciate her dad for his gift to her.

He made her a pink jacket, adding a sultry image of her at the back, in a bid to support her chosen career as an Onlyfans actor.

However, this did not sit well with many Internet users, who took to calling her father out for his action.

The daughter explained that her father does printing and branding but her explanations fell on deaf ears as Netizens are enraged.

Some have even suggested that her father watches her x-rated videos.

Sone reactions below…

@AyooTexanNation wrote: “Yeaaa he look like the type to watch your vids too..”

@itsmine49 said: “Your pops failed you and himself”

@em0nie insists: “Your dad should not be supporting this , this is not normal”

@stillnez216 said: “Your dad is a pervert and a degenerate.”

@QueenHedylogosx wrote: “As much as I’m honest with my family, there’s no way I’m sending sexually explicit photos to my father for him to then have it made into a jacket 😭😭”

@smoochwoochy added: “I say it all the time just because a father was in the home doesn’t mean he was a good strong influence or had any control over his family
This nigga made a sports jacket with his naked daughter on the back of it 🤦🏾‍♂️”

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