“That boy is your dad” — Nigerian lady told after she recorded her younger brother pulling her short gown to make it longer


A lady has been the subject of discussion on the internet after she posted a video of her younger brother pulling down her gown to make it longer.

She share the video to her TikTok page, @dunny_the_billionaire, where she claimed her WhatsApp followers found it funny.

In the video, she was wearing a really long gown, but decided to pull it up to make it look better in her
However, her younger brother was having none of it and proceeded to apologize to the viewers before pulling it down.

According to him, only prostitutes dress that way and he didn’t want his sister to portray that character.

Some reactions to the video

@shey_bakins said: “I do this thing taya…them later give my sister bele 😂😂😂😂”

@Adesuwa wrote: “my brother has done this before. the guy was just asking me. is this what you’re wearing out. 😂😂😂”

@Collins🤡 added: “This made me remember my junior brother always dragging my trouser up when I’m sagging 😂😂😂😂 And asks me are you a yahoo boy? 😂😂”

@oluwaferanmiscarra agreed: “that how my younger br is 🤣🤣,one day I was taking him to sight see yaba baba talk say my gown to short I can’t change it I shouldn’t take him there”

@Olusegun was an IMPOSTOR! wrote: “That young man is your Daddy”

Watch video here…..


People on my WhatsApp find this very funny so they asked me to post it here😹😂 If it doesn’t go viral, I’ll delete it😹😌#just_dunny

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