“Thank you for fíghtíng unfaithfulness” — Reactions as lady reveals how she got married to her best friend’s side boo


A Nigerian lady on the Tiktok app has caused a buzz after revealing she got married to her best friend’s side boo.

The lady posted this information on her Tiktok account, @splu_fic, where she revealed she wouldn’t have found her forever if not for her best friend.

According to the lady, her friend had a partner, but was still involved with the side boo at the time and on one occasion she accompanied her to go see him.

However, it will seem that was where she found love as shortly after, they got engaged and then married with two kids.

The lady getting married to her best friend’s side boo.

When asked, she revealed that the best friend did not attend her wedding because she was heavily pregnant at the time.

Many people under the post have questioned her integrity, asking why she decided to follow her friend’s side boo.

See some reactions…

@nancyswitest185 said: that is why I don’t have female friends. I can’t relate to betrayals from friends. females reason with their bombom most times.

@Evi p wrote: I’m sure she snitched on her friend for her to marry the man…God abeg😘😘

@tenaxios said: Since she had two she shared with her friend that’s true friendship guys🙂🙂

@😊😊😊said: Thank you for fighting unfaithfulness 😍😍

@Wany wrote: I don’t understand this comment section o…she said “SIDE boo” meaning there was a MAIN. Why shame her for collecting her friend’s extra man?

Watch the video here:


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