“She called her boys to deflate my four tires’ – Lady recounts heartbreaking experience at a Lagos restaurant


Nigerian lady, Olúrèmí Akinfaderin recounts her painful experience at the hands of a Lagos restaurant owner after her car got faulty and broke down in front of her shop.

The lady gave her account of the alleged experience in a post she made on her Twitter page via the handle, @oluRehmy.

According to her, she was being driven to an unnamed destination, when her car got faulty and broke down in front of a resta

The driver immediately left to get the problem fixed, but while the lady waited, the owner of the restaurant where the car broke got upset and accosted her.

Oluremi said that she had tried to explain the situation to the woman but she had slapped her instead, and while she got out her phone to record, she equally smashed it off her hand.

She also mentioned that the woman got boys to deflate her four tires as punishment for parking in front of her shop.

Her account of the event went …

I was literally begging her and she hit me

She called her boys to deflate my four tires, a car that broke down in front of your shop.
I didn’t know what to say or do so I just took out my phone to record
Hit me again and threw the phone away

I didn’t even mind entering to buy something if that was the issue. I was literally apologizing to her

The traffic wardens around and a staff came and helped push the car forward then begged that that’s how she behaves and she has police backing

I have left her to God
I will not take any action

Lagos 1: Remi 0″


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