People who have hand’s in Mohbad Death will never “Blow” like him – Portable

People who have hand in Mohbad  Death will never “Blow” like him – Portable

The murderers of singer MohBad, according to street hip-hop artist Portable, would never experience the same level of fame.

Imole’s death, as the deceased is also known, attracted loud attention on a global scale.

Because of this, in the days that followed his “questionable” death, his musical creations unexpectedly took a positive enormous turn.

Even after his death, tremendous streaming has continued worldwide for all of his tracks, including those that were already out.

Many insist just like his alias ‘Imole’ he continues to shine even in death going by the love and support he’s been shown.

Portable, who also recently released a song, ‘Alimi’ as a tribute to Mohbad, acknowledged the greatness which the late rapper possessed.

He bemoaned the phoney love among those in the music industry citing how the legendary American rapper, 2pac was jointly eliminated by certain individuals that were jealous of gifts and illuminating future.

He said: “Even 2pac did not win a Grammy. They killed him before he could. They joined hands together to kill him because they knew that he was a great artiste. Yet his killers did not ‘blow’ like him.

“All of you that killer Imole, you will never ‘blow’ like him.

“Music industry, full of fake people, fake love. They’ll use you to get themselves to the top.”

The “Zazu” crooner also cautioned people in the habit of jeopardising the success chances of others after attaining theirs.

He added: “When you climb to the to of the ladder, don’t break it because many others need it to climb to the top it.

“Moreso, if the person that used it before you broke it; would you have anything with which to climb on?

“Stop killing our super stars, appreciate them instead.”

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