“Pandemic babies” – Little lights up TikTok with her waïst as she shakes her body, tw€rks to Tyla’s song, Water


A little girl has captured the attention of TikTok users by showcasing her dancing skills, rolling her waist, and twerking to ‘Water,’ a song by Tyla.

In the video that has garnered widespread attention, the young girl, wearing a white diaper, is seen standing in front of the TV as the song plays.

She dances excitedly, showcasing impressive waist-rolling skills.

The little girl‘s actions left those present in shock and laughter as they recorded this rare moment.

Shortly after the video surfaced on the internet, concerned individuals took to the comment section to react to the young girl’s performance.

Here are some of the reactions:

zaza: “‎Pandemics babies, am telling you.”

Akua Diamond: “‎new slay queen is born.”

ladymother0: “‎Tyla what you doing to our babies.”

monde: “‎She’s doing it better than Tyla I guess yi choreographer ka Tyla lo.”

user5533199747187: “‎The baby is possessed by the spirit of Tyla.”

Gorgeous Black Girl: “nah this just proved that South Africans are born dancers, unfortunately the gene skipped me.”

‎hayi hayi hayi: “I should get myself le vest maybe something will move yoh.”

Blvck_Angela: “‎She can do it better than me.”

Thuli Pearl: “‎Can they please close the challenge now here’s our winner.”

Tertianicole@21: “‎haaibo this girl got moves I can’t even twek.”

username88: “Yebo wena bby show them how it’s done.”

user510charmy: “‎she dance better than me.”

Magɔt De Rou: “New up coming understanding girlfriend.”



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