Osun Governor Adeleke offers to help physically challenged hawker from the state after Brain Jotter gifts her N400K


Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke in a latest post on social media has offered to help physically challenge hawker from the state after Brain Jotter gifts her N400K.

Comedian Brain Jotter has been one of the trending conversations online following his benevolence gesture to Eniola, a physically challenge lady hawking bottle water on the street of Lagos.

In the video, Brain Jotter was in the car driving accompanied with his guys while heading to the location when he saw the physically challenged Eniola.

After meeting her one-on-one Brain Jotter decided to know more about Eniola and she responded by saying that she is a make-up artist from Osun State.

She relocated to Lagos to make ends meet and also to raise money for her make-up business. She also shows that she has only five fingers out of the supposed 10 fingers.

Later on, Brain Jotter asked the physically challenged Eniola the amount he could give her so that she could stop hawking bottled water on the street.

She responded by saying N400K would go a long way, and Brain Jotter reacted by sending the N400K to Eniola immediately.

The video captures the heart of Davido who is also from Osun State and by extension decided to help in his own way by tagging the state Governor to the video so that he can help Eniola.

The video further gets to Osun State Governor Adeleke who offers to help as he is impressed by physically challenged Eniola hustle spirit.

He wrote; “Thanks for sharing the video, Eniola’s dedication to making an honest living is inspiring. She embodies the qualities that represent Osun. I’ve directed my office to get in touch with her & explore possibilities to assist in advancing her education or improving her makeup skills.”

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